Eternal (บาปอยุติธรรม) | Barb Ayuttitham

An agonizing love and tragic life of a man who trades love for the price of the truth.

Cast: Pakorn Chatborirak, Yeena Salas, Tanin Manoonsilp, Nattasha Bunprachom, Sirisilp Chotvijit

Chidtawan, a promising medical student, is wrongly accused and sentenced to prison just before his wedding with Namthip. With a help from a rookie attorney named Plaifon, Chidtawan is set free. When it rains, it pours. Chidtawan finds out that Namthip is now married to Katapetch, a shady individual who might be responsible for an injustice that is brought upon Chidtawan.

The revenge begins when Chidtawan decides to find out the truth that happened 11 years ago, with the aim to make the culprit pay for his suffering. Little does Chidtawan know that Plaifon is one of the

people being responsible for his time in prison. As Chidtawan is getting closer to the truth, Plaifon has to cover more and more trails. What can they do when romance between them is unexpectedly blooming, together with the flame of revenge that is starting to get out of hand?


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    English sup omg

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    Oh wow. Bomb is villain. I m soo looking forward to this

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    ชอบละครบาปอยุติธรรมครับจากพี่กฤตภาส มูสิกะสงค์