For Love of Duty (ดาวคนละดวง) | Dao Kon La Duang

2 Highly trained cops with nothing in common except for the call of duty and the woman they love.

Cast: Warintorn Panhakarn, Suphaphorn Wongthauithong, Thakoon Karntip, Laknara Pierta, Thakrit Tawanpong

“For Love of Duty” is an action drama about two best friends in the police force. Thanat is a promising police officer in charge of a special unit called Irawan, tasks to wipe out a prominent gangster, "Dragon's Tongue." While Wasan is a traffic police officer who is determined to improve his rank within the police force. They share the same work ethic: "to serve and protect no matter what."

Unfortunately, they also share the same liking of a beautiful and charming psychiatrist, Chalantorn. Will they sacrifice their happiness for their duty and ambition?